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Future Obsessions

Upcoming Honey Rockwood sticky sweet erotic shorts, novellas and novels. 

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Lady Domina (Tentatively)


It's a wild and dark adventure when Kara transforms from a bored housewife languishing in a sleepy seasonal resort town in Kentucky, into her alter ego, Lady Domina.  

To create Lady Domina, Kara drew from experiences, in what seemed like another life, back when she lived dangerously in south Texas with her unpredictable and haunted ex-husband, Derik.  To her surprise Lady Domina’s vicious form of psychological kink therapy becomes wildly popular online in the time of Covid19, when everyone was looking for something to make them feel safe. As Lady Domina demands more of Kara’s time, she begins to have difficulties reconciling that part of herself with the safe and sedate existence she now has with her very vanilla husband, Vin.

To her torment Kara finds herself fantasizing about the life she used to live with Derik.  As if she dreamed him back into existence, Derik mysteriously reappears into her life, threatening to throw everything into turmoil just like he always did in the past.  When Kara starts to question whether she could ever hurt her perfect husband Vin, she begins to suspect he is much more of a dark angel than she realized and harbors menacing secrets of his own.

Can Kara use what she has learned as Lady Domina to navigate the dangerous space between each of her husband’s carnal intentions for her?  Even more intriguing can she realize her own desires to possess the best of both of them?

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