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Welcome to Honey Rockwood's World!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Thank you for coming on over to the Honey Rockwood website. Here you will find much more than just an update on my writings. I am so excited to offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the stories by following along with some of the characters. I will be giving you the chance to hear the music the characters listen to, see the places they go, own (or better yet) win the the things they use or have in the stories. You will soon be able to interact with the characters in ways you never dreamed of. YES - if you are into BDSM, FEMDOM, Female Led Relationships, power exchange or submission, you will soon be able to join the Honey Rocker Fan Club and sign up to have online scenes and different services from Lady Domina herself - the main character from the soon to be released Lady Domina Chronicles.

You will also have all access to yours truly, Honey Rockwood, through Honey Rockwood Live where I will give you tours of locales where stories take place, provide author read alouds, share music playlists that are inspiring me, share pics of my escapades, and post boring things too like memes I find funny.

Thanks lovers for joining me on this wild adventure. I hope to provide you with lots of titillating entertainment especially during this period when we are locked away at home most of the time.

Feel free to email me at with comments, requests, and suggestions.



PS: Don't forget to click on the "Contact" tab and sign up for the Honey Rocker newsletter to be emailed about new stories and announcements.

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