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Milking His Third Eye - Immersive

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hello Honey Rockers!

The third book of Dr. Lela Lush's Clear Energy Health series is out. It is called "Milking His Third Eye" (MHTE)- yes babies erotica titles have to be over the top and a little tongue in cheek. Here is a link to it on Amazon / Kindle

I had so much fun writing this story because I got to introduce a spiritual aspect to the alternative medicine that Dr. Lela practices. I love supernatural stories and while this isn't a full on ghost story or anything, it does hint at supernatural powers at play in the universe. Dr. Lela pulls from the power of the mind/body/spirit complex to get her patients through their treatments and enhance their understanding of it. This episode also delves into the spiritual aspects of yoga and chanting mantras along with the power of Solfeggio frequencies and how all of these can be beneficial. You also learn about one of Dr. Lela's fascinations - the mysterious Kundalini Energy. (If you're interested I will put more on these below.)

So we were introduced to Falcon DeLavan at the very end of book 2 (After Hours - Dr. Lela Takes Her Husband) in erotic short 3 (MHTE) we learn more about him and what he may be doing at Eddybay Resort and Yacht Club. That is all I will say so I don't give away any spoilers. In Milking His Third Eye we are also introduced to a new character, Colin. Colin finds himself somewhat reluctantly a patient of Dr. Lela's and oh boy does Colin find out why I call Dr. Lela the queen of the caring painal (a painful anal penetration for you newbs). I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Colin in the series.

Now let's get immersed in the details: Colin is a wiry guy with a man bun who does yoga, besides his looks he has the typical western Kentucky background - a little bit hick and not a lot of money. If you are not familiar with the hot man bun trend just check out the picture below that I think is a good representation of what Colin would look like. (I will also put a gallery of other hunky sporters of the man bun below for your inspiration.) He is a deckhand at the luxurious Eddybay Resort and Yacht Club - but he has aspirations for so much more than that. He has the unfortunate, or fortunate depending on how you look at it, crossing of paths with Falcon DeLavan and all the fun ensues from there.

At the beginning of Colin's treatment Dr. Lela plays him some Solfeggio frequency music specially tuned to clear the lower chakras. When she moves to the second part of the treatment she changes to a chanted mantra. This mantra plays an important part in the story and I would love it if you listened to it while you read the story. Or give it a listen after if you can't listen to music while you read.

The mantra is called "Secret Mantra of Mystics" this version features some beautiful Tibetan flute music added and is arranged by Meditative Mind. Something about it is seductive sounding. I recommend listening to it on headphones or something with good sound so you can get the full effect of the way the voice seems to circle around you and come from different places and intensities as described in the story. You might want to add this to your sexy time playlist - I know I did. I also like to listen to it while I write or at night when I can't sleep.

Here is a link to Meditative Mind's page where you can read a little about the mantra, see the words and also hear the mantra song for free:

If you want to go straight to their free uploaded song on YouTube here it is:

You can also listen to it on Itunes and Apple Music. I turn on Apple Music and put this on repeat and write my sexy scenes.

If you just want the fun stuff scroll on down and check out the man bun gallery. If you want to deep dive into Solfeggio frequencies and Kundalini energy keep reading.


Today Solfeggio frequencies are used in specially tuned music that includes one of the sacred frequencies or a mixture of them to bring about a change in the thoughts, clearing of emotional baggage or healing of the body to the person listening. The frequencies themselves trace back to at least the medieval times and are first found in a hymn to John the Baptist. The sacred scale was also used to create Gregorian Chants. If you put something like colored sand in a dish and set it on top of a speaker playing modern music it will just create a chaotic pattern or no pattern. If you play the Solfeggio tones the sand arranges into ancient geometric patterns. I have had great success using Solfeggio tones for different issues I have had. I will create a separate post about my experiences with them and how I discovered them and put a link here when I am done. You can find lots of the Solfeggio tuned music for free on Youtube and I love the ones put out by Meditative Mind but there are many others as well. Here are two articles that go into much more detail and history about them if you are interested. and

Now to the mysterious KUNDALINI Energy - if you haven't heard of it, yes it's a real thing. Kundalini has many aspects and faces depending from what mode of belief you are approaching it from. Kundalini is not specific to any certain religion or culture but is present in many ancient esoteric beliefs in different forms. Some people may call a Kundalini energy rising simply a spiritual awakening, while others believe the energy rising is what can lead to a spiritual awakening if it is harnessed in the correct way and they are not one in the same.

Kundalini energy refers to a latent, dormant or sleeping energy within humans that can be accessed and used to expand your awareness among other things. It is metaphorically described as a coiled serpent of energy that rests somewhere near the base of the spine. It is also known as the divine female energy that is within us all, female and male, that allows us to be intuitive.

A Kundalini energy awakening can be a very powerful experience. I have also had my own personal experience with the divine Kundalini and if I get really brave I will make a post on that and link it here. If you would like to read more about Kundalini here is an article on Medium that goes very in depth about it in various beliefs just be warned people of a western, dare I say christian background, that the imagery described by ancient esoteric beliefs are metaphorical to help an ancient people understand concepts. For instance when they say coiled serpent energy doesn't mean they really think a sleeping snake resides in our bodies.


Okay you have made it down to the fun man bun gallery. So drop me an email at or comment below and let me know what you think of man buns. If you are a guy would you wear one? Girls would you date a guy with a man bun? My personal opinion is -like with most hairstyles, on the right guy it can be super hot. I have not had the opportunity to date a man-bun man and get the chance to run my fingers through his long locks when we were alone at home and he lets the bun down. But if I were not already taken by my military crew cut having husband I would definitely jump at the chance. Also email me and comment below with your Kundalini and Solfeggio frequency experiences. I might include them on my upcoming audience feedback section if you would like and I can remove your name or give you a sexy nom de plume.

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