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Join the New Honey Rockwood Reddit Page

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Are you addicted to Reddit like I am? If so join the new Honey Rockwood sub - r/HoneyRockwoodFEMDOM

You can talk with other Honey Rockers and see their posts to the group. It will also keep you up to date about new releases and will be a place for some spicy content and discussions we might not be able to post in other places.

Find out about the story details I might not have been able to publish through Amazon my main platform for selling books / stories.

Plus you will get to view some fun eye candy like this:

From now on I will probably be posting my most fun BDSM themed eye candy on the reddit page because a feed of this blog has just been added to Good Reads and Amazon and I am not sure what their policies are on content feed from the author's personal blog. However rest assured the r/HoneyRockwoodFEMDOM on reddit will definitely be an NSFW 18+ subreddit. Join if you dare!



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