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Get To Know Miss Driscoll

Yes Miss Driscoll - Make Me Your Sissy introduces the illustrious Miss Driscoll, or that is what she is known as in this story. After reading you will see that is not her actual name. Her real name is yet to be exposed. Miss Driscoll is a cold, hard, merciless ice queen who is in the game only for the glory. Unlike my other domme characters Miss Driscoll does not have any underlying motivations or aspirations of helping her clients. She is there to collect her money and make submissives' fantasies come true - period.

This story was an experimentation for me as an author. I usually write my femdom for the female gaze. But I have been informed that men are the main readers of femdom - what? Where are my strong females? I know you're out there and I am going to keep writing for you. But, I did decide to write this story as an experiment to see if I could even write in this manner.

This story is different from my norm in two ways: it is written more for the male gaze, plus is the only story I have written in first person. I usually write and feel more comfortable writing in third person.

So how did it turn out? Sales and popularity wise, Miss Driscoll was one of my better performers. Personally though, it was one of my most difficult stories to write. I don't love writing in first person and I didn't connect with either character on a personal level. But it was nice to see that I was capable of writing out of my comfort zone.

I didn't set up this story to be a series. But tell me what you think either in the comments or by email. Should this be a series? Do you want to know more about Miss Driscoll or Chad? Do you prefer your stories told in first or third person? Do you prefer the female gaze or male?

Let me know how you want it baby! I'm one bossy you-know-what, but I'm all about pleasing my audience.

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