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Forever Owned in St. Martin Immersive - From Kara's Fantasies

Never leave Kara waiting at the bar or she will be thinking of how to punish you in the old abandoned stone fort on St. Martin!

This super steamy story re-unites Kara and her bad boy ex-husband, Derik on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. If after reading this story you are feeling like having a sweet taste St. Martin or Sint Maarten yourself, you will be happy to know -all of the places described actually exist.

The story opens with planes landing mere feet over the heads' of tourists on Maho beach. If you have the need to smell the jet fuel and feel the stinging sand, there is a bar called Sunset Beach Bar, where you can have drinks and watch the jets land on one of the shortest commercial runways in the world. It will look something like this:

If you are really into watching planes take off, here is a YouTube video of a KLM jet literally blowing people away at Maho Beach. Fun fact: The planes upon takeoff have to gain altitude very quickly to avoid a mountain range. So whether you are taking off or landing in St. Martin, it is a thrilling experience.

Should you find yourself wanting to follow in Kara's footsteps and sip an umbrella drink while gazing at a cliffside infinity pool, the resort where her and Derik frolic is based very closely on Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Whilst dreamily gazing towards the sea you might also catch a glimpse of the same pirate ship she did. Here is a photo I took, I love the juxtaposition of past and present. It is a bit grainy bc I had it zoomed way in but as they say: you get the picture.

Here are some pictures to goad you into throwing some clothes into a suitcase and kicking up some sand upon landing on the island: the top three are provided by Divi Little Bay and the bottom three I took while there. The top left pic and bottom middle show the wind blown peninsula where all the action takes place in the story.

Here are some more pics provided by Divi Little Bay of the luxurious infinity pool

If those don't have you running for the door maybe this will - the mysterious and illustrious remains of a 1600's Danish fort called Fort Amsterdam reside on the property as well, just like in Forever Owned. You could prowl around at sunset and experience your own romp through history, just remember to always respect the historical site - Kara's experience took place fully in her imagination.

Here are some pictures I took myself while exploring the wind swept outcropping that holds the bones of the fort, crumbling limestone bulwark and rusted cannons. The view from the tip of the peninsula of both Great Bay and Little Bay was absolutely stunning. These pics were from several years ago and the fort has been further damaged from a recent hurricane. You can see the mountainous terrain of the island in some of the pics.

Here is an aerial view of the fort provided by Divi after the hurricane

At one point Derik thinks Kara could be leading him to her room at the resort where they might make love while looking through the arched veranda with billowing white curtains. If only he knew that was way too pedestrian for our adventurous gal, Kara. Here was the view from my room that inspired that part of the story.

Here are some other general pictures from my time on this enchanting island and perfect backdrop for star crossed lovers.

Maybe Kara and Derik ended their night something like this....

Might this be the mysterious Vin who shows up at the very end of the story???

If you haven't already read the erotic short story Forever Owned In St. Martin and you are aching to experience the island through Kara and Derik's dark fantasy here is a link to the piece it is available on Amazon Kindle and free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Don't forget this is the second story in the Kara's Fantasies Series. The first one is Alpha Bully



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