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Bringing the Heat Tomorrow - All New- Forever Owned in St. Martin

New story in the Kara's Fantasies and Lady Domina universe. Learn more about Kara and Derik, and if you need a break like I do, from all the election drama you can vicariously visit the island of St. Martin with them.

Is that a hot woman with a sword on the cover? YES! This is a sexy, sensual, FEMDOM romance that takes place in a historical fort on the island and swords (of sorts) will be involved, along with wax play and a little cock and ball torture but in this case it will be sensual abuse rather than torture.

As always this is a lush story about more than just the mechanics of FEMDOM sex. It enters the head space of both the dominant and submissive character and explores the relationship between the characters. A strong female dominant character that's not just a kink dispenser is a rare find in FEMDOM literature and well as a masculine submissive male.

Available tomorrow on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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