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Alpha Bully Immersive - from Kara's Fantasies Series

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

An old flame that won't die. Stolen kisses on a moonlit beach. Tonight she takes control and he can't turn away.

Immerse yourself in the Alpha Bully behind the scenes story. A steamy and fantastical erotic short that brings together long lost lovers, Kara and Derik.

I am so excited about this story because it introduces the second chance romance that Kara hopes to fire up with her ex-husband, Derik. They have a tumultuous history but the heat between them is palpable.

Kara and Derik are 2 of the main characters in my upcoming novella tentatively called Lady Domina. I had originally intended LD to be a series as well, but I think I am going to make it into my first novella. The Kara's Fantasies series is a prelude and offers some back story to Lady Domina.

Everything in this series is a vacation themed, dark fantasy, and a steamy femdom romance that will whisk you away to secluded beaches and tropical islands before burning you down into a puddle of wanton lust. Each episode, or short, will touch on a different femdom kink, this one happens to revolve around giving a tough, bad boy a well deserved spanking to set him straight.

Here are links to two songs that kind of sum up their star-crossed lovers romance in song/video form. I draw lots of inspiration from music and these two in particular helped me craft the dynamics between Kara and Derik.

The classic Rihanna and Eminem love/hate song: Love the Way You Lie.

And the super sexy new G-Easy song, Hate The Way - this video is epic if you've ever had a hopeless relationship that you just can't let go. Someone you will think about till the day you die. The lyric that really gets me and nails this story is "Every time I leave it's all wrong and every time I leave it's too long"

For this story I had to actually re-visit the beach on Padre Island where it takes place. So I took a solo road trip and drove my new truck, "Princess Francesca" across the surprisingly pretty state of Oklahoma and then straight down the center of Texas on 281 through the picturesque Hill Country all the way to Corpus Christi, and here are some of the sights I saw along the way.

The Drive - I started from Branson so I included some pics from there, then I briefly went through the corner of Missouri where I saw the town of Ozark (I still have yet to see the TV show). I had heard about the colorfully named gas/convenience store called Kum & Go online, and I finally saw one in the wild, so I had to include a pic. It fits well with the theme of this blog, if I do say so myself. Once I got into the Hill Country of TX I drove through hours and hours of beautiful ranches like the Bonita Ranch pictured below and darling, quaint little towns like Mineral Wells,

The Island - I finally, after 3 days of driving, made it to my condo on Padre Island. The first pic is the view from the deck of my condo across the canal it was sitting on. Next is my tired self on the way to the beach and then on the beach (White Cap beach which is where the story takes place). Can't leave out pics of my new best friend, my truck Princess Francesca, parked on the beach just like Kara would have parked her truck on that seminal night. The last two pics are shots of the beach with Bob Hall Pier in the distance. Parts of Bob Hall pier will be taken down and re-built because of a hurricane that hit the area earlier this year.

That night I ate at only the second restaurant I had been to the entire year, thanks to corona virus. I went to Doc's Seafood and Steaks, at the foot of the JFK Causeway bridge onto Padre Island, and I sat on their outside deck. The first pic is of the gorgeous view from their deck of the bridge at sunset. The second pic is of course, my yummy steak. The next day I went walking for hours on the endless Port Aransas beaches and I saw a gold coin sparkling in the water. I was sure I had found some pirate treasure that had washed up, but alas, it was just a US quarter that had changed color in the salt water. But I still felt lucky none-the-less.

Here is a short video showing the expansive Port A beaches prior to the water rising from the approach of Hurricane Delta to the southern coast. It eventually would come ashore in Louisiana.

The night the hurricane was closest to the Texas coast, I spent most of the evening into the early morning hours, sitting next to the pool feeling the winds sweeping through the lagoon beside me. The energy in the air was amazing, you could feel there was a massive disturbance in the area even if there wasn't such a thing as the Weather Channel to tell you.

The next day I drove out to the beaches to see how much the water had risen. The middle pic is again White Cap beach pictured in the first group above but this time you can see the water is much higher. My truck was parked in the street right next to the dune line and you can see the water is up to my truck. At some points it was half-way up the tires when a wave would come in. The third pic is the Port A beaches and there the water is also way up totally covering the previously very wide beach, all the way up to the dune line.

Thanks for following along with me on my trip to Padre Island. If you haven't already read Alpha Bully and if you're hurting to see Derik get what is coming to him when he and Kara meet up again for the first time in years here is a link to the story on Amazon. Enjoy!



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