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Your Newest Obsession -  Honey Rockwood's sticky sweet erotic shorts, novellas and novels. 

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Clear Energy Health Cover.jpg

Clear Energy Health - Series

August 2020

Follow the commanding Dr. Lela Lush's escapades as she heads up her flagship Clear Energy Health Clinic. 

Dr. Lela loves her job helping her patients obtain optimum health through clearing energy blockages. However the talented doctor harbors dark desires when she uses the unorthodox practices of male submission, milking, pegging, punishment, and BDSM therapies to achieve her miracle cures. 

The first title in the series: Extracting His Life Force is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

Second title in series: After Hours - Dr. Lela Takes Her Husband is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Third title in the series: Milking His Third Eye is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

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Extracting Cover.jpg

Exctracting His Life Force - Clear Energy Health Series

August 2020

Dan will do anything to please his wife Cora even if it means submitting to the unusual treatments of Dr. Lela Lush at her unorthodox Clear Energy Health Clinic.  However he never expected how far the commanding doctor would push him when she extracted his very life force in the pursuit of remedying his fertility problems. 

Explore prostate milking / massage, or male milking, pegging, Femdom and male submission in this torrid tale. 

From the Dr. Lela Lush - Clear Energy Health Series. 

Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

Erotic Short

After Hours Revised Cover.jpg

After Hours - Dr. Lela Takes Her Husband

September 2020

Book 2 in the Clear Energy Health Series

Follow the superbly successful but domineering Dr. Lela Lush after hours. It is at home, with her alpha male in the streets but submissive in the sheets husband, where the good doctor really lets her dark and twisted side out to play. She is revealed to be a complicated woman who can only experience love through pain and power exchanges.

Her husband Jet, is the only one who can ever really know and understand her. He is her true twin flame and he will give up everything to follow her into the depths of her depravity to prove his undying love for her. But will he be able to save her from herself or will Dr. Lela’s ravenous needs go too far and put their empire in jeopardy of crumbling around them?

Explore Femdom / Feminine domination, female led relationships, male submission, husband pegging, power exchange, role playing, breath play, BDSM, Sadism, Sadomasochism, exhibition and voyeurism in this deep read about a disturbed personality.

Erotic Short

Milking His Third Eye Cover revise 2.jpg

Milking His Third Eye

August 30, 2020

For a fat stack of cash, Colin is willing to submit to the enigmatic and devilish Dr. Lela Lush and her BDSM themed therapies. What he didn’t expect was to be stretched and milked of his life force by the dominate female doctor in an attempt to open his third eye.

At the bidding of a wealthy patron, the scrappy dockhand is about to find out why the rich and powerful travel from all over and stay at the lavish Eddybay Resort and Yacht Club to visit the mysterious doctor. Dr. Lela pushes Colin to his limits, and puts the alternative in alternative medicine, in search of the mysterious Kundalini energy that will help Colin unlock the power to achieve his wildest dreams.

Find out if Colin is in over his head while you explore FEMDOM, Pegging, painal, enema, male milking, prostate milking, medical erotica, down and dirty doctors, female domination and male submission in this otherworldly erotic short.

Milking His Third Eye is book 3 in the Dr. Lela Lush – Clear Energy Health series. It is best enjoyed after the first two erotic shorts in the series but can most definitely be enjoyed all on its own. So lay down, get comfortable, find something that vibrates, and get ready to enjoy a sexy supernatural tale.

Command Estate series cover.jpg

Command Estate - Series

August 2020

Enter into Erika Lasant’s luxurious world, she is the sole heir of her family’s renown equestrian training and breeding estate and she is taking it into the modern era by branching out into various business ventures. In this male-dominated world, Erika lives to succeed and advance her fortunes but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t also have desires for pleasure. Erika is an alpha female and she won’t let any man come between her and her fortune so she takes what she wants from the harem of various men working on her Command Estate, especially the sexy stable boss, Hank.

But then her ex-flame, Bodhi Silverman, returns to town and she is tempted to form something a little more lasting with him – but only if he submits to her FEMDOM training and realizes that this wild horsewoman will never be tamed or contained.

This series is like Yellowstone but with a female lead and lots of steamy sex. 

The first title of this series: FEMDOM Training Begins is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. 

Erika's Command Femdom Training.jpg

FEMDOM Training Begins

August 2020

Book 1 in the Command Estate Series

Get your FEMDOM education on!  Meet the glamourous and hard to please Erika and her curious new pupil, Bodhi.  Throw in the sultry stable manager Hank and we have the beginning of a steamy reverse harem. 


Kara's Fantasies - SERIES

November 2020

A prequel to Lady Domina - the Kara's Fantasies Series are decadent and fluffy erotic short stories exploring Kara's character before she became Lady Domina.

Alpha Bully Cover - Honey Rockwood.jpg

Alpha Bully FEMDOM Punishment on the Beach

November 2020

Book 1 in the Kara's Fantasies Series 

An old flame that won't die. Stolen kisses on a moonlit beach. Tonight she takes control and he can't, he won't turn away.

Are you stuck at home longing to feel some sand between your toes? Follow Kara on a vacation adventure themed FEMDOM fantasy to Padre Island.

Kara unexpectedly finds herself fantasizing about her ex-husband, Derik. Even when they were together their relationship was anything but perfect. Some might call Derik an alpha bully, an alphahole or just a plain old bad boy. Whatever you call him, he knew how to do one thing amazingly well, passionately please his woman.

Forever Owned Cover 2.jpg

Forever Owned in St. Martin

November 1, 2020

Book 2 in Kara's Fantasies:   Don't leave Kara waiting at the bar or she will be thinking of how to punish you in the old abandoned fort. 

This is a sexy, sensual, adventurous FEMDOM romance that takes place in a historic fort on the island of St. Martin and swords (of sorts) will be involved, along with wax play and a little twig and berry torture, but in this case, it will be more of a sensual abuse.

A lush story about more than just the mechanics of FEMDOM relations. It enters the head space of both the dominant and submissive character and explores the relationship between Kara and Derik. A strong female dominant character that's not just a kink dispenser is a rare find in FEMDOM literature as well as a masculine submissive male. Honey Rockwood has hit all the right notes with her man forced into submission theme. Kara is the strong yet caring dominant we all need and her ex-husband Derik is a man’s man tentatively exploring his submissive side at her insistence, and it is all wrapped up in their explosively passionate second chance romance.

Neon Heart Games SS Cover 3.jpg

Neon Heart Games

February 13, 2021

Book 3 of Kara's Fantasies: 

What happens when your past twin flame collides with your current soul mate?  Do you let the past go, or keep both?

Kara and her ex-husband Derik had a wild, crazy and uncontrollable love.  A connection that burned so bright it was neon. Their level of passion for each other bordered on pathological.  Yet there always seemed to be something standing between them. A secret burned inside Derik, one that he wouldn’t even admit he had.  A secret that never allowed him to be completely happy and content with Kara.  A secret he kept until it finally drove her away.

Kara gave up trying to find the key to unlock Derik’s complicated heart.

Years later Kara had moved on and put Derik behind her, nearly blocking him entirely from her memory.  That is, until a mysterious presence makes its intentions felt and voice heard in Kara’s life.  It’s not the first voice Kara has heard, so is she going crazy, is she dying, or is she a medium?  Whatever the answer to that question is, one thing is for certain.  The voice she is hearing wants her to revisit her memories of Derik and re-connect with him.

Just when you think it’s over, Kara has a surprise ending in store for Derik that might solve all their problems. But the answer comes with its own set of mysteries. 

This is the planned final short story in Kara's Fantasies Series.  It is the lead up to the Neon Heart Games novel a paranormal, enemies to lovers. MMF menage romance novel.  Keep an eye out for it!

There is a preview trailer for this super steamy story in the video library. 

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